Selling Your Home

For most families, their home is their largest financial asset, and deciding to sell it is a big decision that involves a lot of preparation and work. When you're ready to sell it's important to have an experienced real estate professional handle the details involved in the successful sale of a home for top dollar.

As an experienced professional who has helped 100's of people sell their homes, I know how to handle every aspect of the sales process - from strategically marketing and showcasing your home to making sure everything's signed, sealed and delivered by the closing date.

Providing you with comprehensive, high-quality listing service is my top priority. So when you decide to sell your home, please contact me and let's get started!

Below are some of the Seller Services I offer.


Market Evaluation

  • Proper pricing is critical. Too high and your home simply will not sell. Too low and it costs you money. We will provide you with an in home Market Evaluation using comparable sales and listings in your area. This evaluation will take into account the general market conditions, the location, condition, size and features of your home and I will provide you with my professional opinion as to current market value and your pricing options. 

Property Evaluation

  • The overall condition, appearance and curb appeal of your home will have a huge affect on  how quickly it sells and the price it sells for. I will offer professional advice on how to maximize your homes features and, if necessary, recommend any repairs or improvements that might result in your home selling faster and for more money than the competition.

Marketing Plan

  • I will prepare a written Marketing Plan which will outline our strategies for marketing and  advertising your home. It is a comprehensive plan which includes both traditional and high tech marketing and methods.

Property Showings

  • I suggest that all showing be by appointment only. This means that all requests for showings will come to me and I will set them up with you. I will discuss showing options and tailor it to your individual situation. 

Follow up and Feedback

  • After every showing I will contact the Buyer's agent for relevant feedback and pass that information on to you.

30 Day Reports

  • If your home has not sold I will prepare a comprehensive Market Report outlining our marketing activities over the past 30 days, any recent sales and  listings in the area and my recommendations regarding current marketing, pricing or anything else that may be relevant to the sale of your home.

Offer Presentation

  • Upon receipt of an offer, I will contact you immediately and discuss the best options for presenting it to you. Tradtionally, the Buyer agent and the Listing agent would show up at your home and do a formal presentation however in today's fast paced and hectic world, there are better and more efficient ways to deal with offers and I will discuss that with you, and, as always, work with the option that best fits your needs.

Offer Negotiation

  • I will review the entire contract and ensure that your interests are protected. I will offer professional advice about deposits, subject clauses, completion dates, possession dates and more. I will also provide you with professional guidance and advice for presenting counter offers, dealing with multiple offers and final acceptance of an offer. I will also ensure that the Buyer agent receives all required documentation such as Title Search, Property Condition Statements, Permits, Survey Certificates, Warranty Documents, Strata Forms & Documents or anything else required to facilitate the sale.

Legal Services

  • I would be happy to refer you to a qualified Lawyer or Notary and once you have made a choice, I will ensure that a copy of the contract and all other required documentation is sent to their office in a timely fashion.

Move In Day

  • I will make arrangements to exchange house keys with the Buyer or the Buyer's agent so that it's one less thing you need to worry about on a very busy day!